Why is Health and Safety Training Important?

Providing health and safety training helps you ensure that the people who work for you, or work with you, know how to work safely or know how to help if someone is hurt within the workspace. Health and safety training includes responsibilities and legal requirements, hazards and risks, first aid, safe use of machinery, equipment and workplace tools. 

Workers are often faced with health and safety dangers at their workplace. It doesn’t matter the size of the company, be it a large or small firm, the safety and health of an organisation’s workers should be of paramount importance to the leadership of that organisation.

Why is Health and Safety Training Important

Refresher training is given to employees on the assumption that existing skills have become out-dated or obsolete. This could be because of the advancement of technology or simply that people can forget things.

Employees could become complacent with safety procedures which could lead to mistakes or errors, for this reason, it is important to refresh employees knowledge and skills. It’s important to avoid becoming complacent with health and safety procedures, and to remember that no workplace is 100% safe. Ultimately health and safety should be an ongoing process that allows employers to identify, monitor and reduce risk associated with the workplace.

It is also the law, as of 1974, The Health and Safety at Work Act which is a key aspect of legislation which requires employers and employees to take practicable and efficient steps to ensure the work space has adequate and up-to-date health and safety training. Going against or breaking the law can lead to severe consequences such as fines or worst case scenario, bankruptcy.