What is an Excavator 360 Course?

As the name suggests, the excavator 360 course prepares operators to use such machinery, on site. It provides the legal training needed to use diggers and excavators in construction operations. There are 2 main categories; Excavator 360 below 10 tonnes and excavator 360 above 10 tonnes.

The excavator 360 training also has subcategories, tracked or wheeled, and so the specific course options are as follows below.
A58: tracked 360 excavator below 10 tonnes.
A59A: tracked 360 excavator above 10 tonnes.
A59B: wheeled 360 excavator above 10 tonnes, sometimes known as rubber duck training.

NB. If you pass your test on a machine above 10 tonnes you are automatically qualified to operate one below 10 tonnes too.

What is Involved in the Course?

What is an Excavator 360 Course?

On the 360 excavator course you will learn:
– What the full and complete objective and purpose of the machine is, as well as its capabilities and its restrictions
– How to operate the excavator safely and productively
– How to fit and operate ancillary equipment
– How to sit the machine safely and proficiently
– How to carry out minor adjustments and routine servicing procedures
– How to prepare the machine for travel on public roads
– How to read information provided by level pegs and profiles
– What routine adjustments are needed, and how you should carry them out
– How to work to levels with the aid of laser equipment

The course involves a verbal theory test as well as a practical assessment. There will be a mixture of classroom teaching and practical training, meaning you get a full learning experience.

Prerequisites for the Excavator 360 Training

In order to complete this course you must have a basic understanding and awareness of current Health and Safety issues. You must also have carried out the CITB Operatives Health & Safety touch screen test within the 24 months prior to you undertaking the excavator 360 training.