Training Providers – Training Courses

For us at RCP Training providing comprehensive, qualified and professional training services is our philosophy.

Keeping up to date on the latest regulations, rules, and laws is all part of our dedicated, professional service that we provide for our clients.

We offer a range of courses whether you are developing in a position you already have or are looking to increase your skillset for personal development, we provide Plant and Machinery training,

NVQs, Health and Safety courses and First Aid awareness for groups, individuals and companies.

With options ranging from on-­‐site training at our facilities to in-­‐house training at your place of work, we can work around your requirements to get you the highest level of training you need.

Occasionally, stepping away from your work environment can be incredibly beneficial when it comes to getting uninterrupted, nor-­‐disruptive training.

On the other hand, doing the course in familiar surroundings might be better for you and your learning techniques.

Whatever works best for you, is how we can construct the most effective teaching methods.

Our course options include:

Trade Skills

 Our CPCS courses are available in abundance, from various Crane Supervision, Forklift Truck, Tractor Training, Dump Truck, Lift Operations, and many more options.

Do contact us for a full list.

Health and Safety

Training Providers - Training Courses - R.C.P. Training Maidenhead

We stay up to date on all health and safety regulations that are enforced. We want to be well-­‐equipped with this knowledge so we can keep you and your team abreast.

On the Job Learning

NVQ training is available to keep you working while you learn; this is a great way to keep you up to date as you go.

We are constantly adding training courses to our schedule; we know how important it is to be professionally qualified, feel like you are getting something additional out of your job and be safe in the workplace.

Our professional team is on hand to talk through options for you and your workforce.

We know the dangers that might occur and the skills and resilience you need to do these incredibly laborious jobs,

we are passionate about providing companies with official training to ensure you and your workforce are given the tools that are needed to deal with large machinery,

possible hazards and instincts to deal with unforeseen circumstances in a physically exhaustive industry.

Our training is reasonably priced, flexible and with highly experienced instructors to guide your team, we guarantee the results you require.