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New Roads & Street Works (NRSWA Course)

We offer a range of New Roads & Street Works courses including a standard 5 day programme for Operatives and Supervisors covering Units 1-7 & 9 for Operatives and 1 & 10-16 for Supervisors.

We also offer each unit separately for operatives and supervisors. The New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 places a duty on any person or organisation undertaking work involving the installation, renewal, maintenance or inspection of underground apparatus in any street or roadto ensure that work is under the control of competent persons. To satisfy the requirements of the Act, work involving breaking up the street must be arranged under the supervision of a person having a prescribed qualification as a supervisor.

Course Content

  • Location and avoidance of underground apparatus
  • Signing, lighting and guarding
  • Excavation In The Highway
  • Re–instatement and compaction of backfill materials
  • Re–instatement of sub-base and base in non-bituminous materials
  • Re–instatement in cold-lay bituminous materials
  • Re–instatement in hot-lay bituminous materials
  • Re-instatement of modular surfaces and concrete footways
  • Monitoring of signing, lighting and guarding
  • Monitoring excavation in the road highway
  • Monitoring reinstatement and compaction of backfill materials
  • Monitoring reinstatement of sub-base and base (road base) in non-bituminous material
  • Monitoring reinstatement bituminous materials
  • Monitoring re-instatment of modular surfaces and concrete footways

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