RCP Training – Plant and Machinery Courses – Mini Digger

Mini Digger Training

Getting the right training for your job is key no matter what the position, but when safety for you and your colleagues is paramount to your working conditions, digger training needs to become utterly essential.

Health and Safety protocol needs to be implemented and safety first is an absolute requirement, not an option!

R.C.P. Training gives you the tools required to get your team trained, reducing the risk of accidents, injuries, work errors and general misdemeanours.

We cover all manner of Plant and Machinery training courses. For us, Mini Digger or Excavator 360 training is especially popular and used often within the industrial workplace.

There are many sub-­‐training categories depending on what the Mini Digger will be used for, ensuring you can control the correct weight and machinery for your needs.

If you are looking to drive a Mini digger training on the road, then a license will be very much required, however, if you are simply using the digger on a work site, your training paperwork needs to be to hand in case you are asked for proof of training or competency.

RCP Training Plant and Machinery Courses Mini Digger

With professional training available either on the familiar soil of your workplace or at our facilities, the training will consist of a 5-­‐day course, after which you will receive your CPCS Certified Training qualification.

So, if you are looking to refresh your skills, looking to change your line of work or perhaps you have been given different responsibilities at work, we can help you get trained.

This level of work is important to get right and requires incredible skill and strength, so before someone gets hurt or legal matters to occur, ensure your workforce is trained and ready to work.