Five Reasons to get a Job in Construction

Although it took a small hit during the initial Covid-19 outbreak, the construction industry is quickly bouncing back and adapting positively to changes in work practices. Construction underpins our economy and society, and few other sectors have such an impact on communities across the UK. The construction sector had a turnover of around £370 billion in the UK in 2016, and this figure is expected to grow year on year, so it is an appealing industry to work in. Here are some reasons why you should consider a career in construction, and get in touch with a training provider to get started.

crane supervisor course

1) Great pay
Construction workers are sought after as they serve such a huge array of firms. Despite the fact the government pledged to create 3 million apprenticeships, many of which are in the building and construction sector, many firms report that they struggle to find workers. This means there is a demand for skilled workers, and as the demand is high the pay often is too. The average salary for construction is around £37,000 per year.

2) Jobs for anyone
Many people may think a job in construction is just being a builder, but in reality, the industry is hugely diverse and adaptable. The construction industry covers anything from architects and civil engineers to electricians and crane lift supervisors. Whether you want to get your hands dirty or not, there will be suitable training provider and an appropriate role for you

3) Work that makes an impact
The impact of construction is evident for anyone to see and makes a direct difference to our daily lives. The sector contributes to the economy by creating jobs, but also to the wider population. Construction workers build hospitals, schools, and airports, all buildings that shape our lives.

4) A lifelong career
Being that it is one of societies essential occupations, the construction industry is likely to be around for your whole career, meaning you will have a high chance of finding work. You will also be able to build on your experience and qualifications, advancing into new roles through crane lift supervisor training or project manager training. There are a range of training providers that will offer you the teaching you need.

5) Never a dull day
No two days are the same in construction, the sector is so widespread, and no two projects are the same so every day will be different. The construction industry will also give you opportunities for travel and relocation and agencies can place you on projects around the world, you never know where you might end up.