Everything You Need To Know About SMSTS Courses

Everything You Need To Know About SMSTS Courses

What Is SMSTS?

Industry recognized, SMSTS has been created for professionals who work on construction and building sites, in warehouses or any industry where health and safety are of increasing importance due to the nature of the work done.

SMSTS or Site Management Safety Training Scheme has been implemented to promote and secure that a robust health and safety regime is in place on particularly dangerous or hazardous work sites.

Who’s It For?

An SMSTS Qualification or Site Management Safety Training Scheme is a course that benefits mainly managers, site supervisors or anyone who has responsibility for managing a workforce in the construction industry.

The duty of care falls on the person in charge but benefits everyone on site.


What Else Do I Need To Know?

There are two courses; the first is the course and test and the second is a refresher course. The refresher course is great for those who have not worked in a while, if laws and regulations have changed since they first took the test or if there has been an increase in incidents on their site.

The course itself covers all health and safety aspects in site and once covered you can move on to the test portion of the course.

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What if I don’t pass?

You must achieve a score of 69% or higher to pass the SMSTS test. You can resit the test but if you fail twice or more you must redo the entire syllabus again before moving ahead with the test once more.


How will we benefit

The course highlights the need for risk assessment on-site, while also providing the following benefits:

  • Proves Health and Safety Competency at work
  • You can implement updated and new health and safety measures in the workplace.
  • Provides Career Benefits if you want to move up the ladder or are looking for a new managerial position.
  • It is a Highly Recognized Qualification and is an attractive plus for future employers
  • A notable reduction in work-related injuries.