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RCP Training Crane Operator Training Courses

Workplace health and safety is crucial, regardless of where you work. It becomes even more crucial when staff are required to operate machinery within the confines of the workplace.

The safety of the operator and the staff around them needs to be the priority.

Whether you are the employee or the employer, training at work is always a positive choice.

We at RCP Training LTD specialise in workplace training. One of our most popular training courses is Crane Operator Training Courses

Depending on your requirements and capabilities we have courses to suit your level, ranging from:


·   A40 Slinger/Signaller

  • A60A Mobile Crane – Blocked Duties only
  • A61 Appointed Person – Lifting Operations
  • A62 Crane/Lifting Operations Supervisor
  • A66D Compact Crane – 360 – Pick and Carry


Our team are experts in workplace training and understand the needs of our clients and their employers.

Beyond the physical training, we ensure that before anyone is certified they are confident with risk assessment, safety regulations, on-site maintenance, self-assurance with loading and unloading, spatial awareness and lifting legislations.

RCP Training Crane Operator Training Courses

We understand the importance of utter safety and investing in your workforce; improving the morale and motivation for staff, expanding one’s skill set, increasing career and earning opportunities all while avoiding accidents and unnecessary incidents in the workplace.

With options to be trained on your worksite for familiarity purposes or on our premises to avoid distractions, we have the trainee’s comfort and interests in mind.

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