A59 Excavator 360 Above 10 Tonnes (Experienced Worker) Training Courses

A59 Excavator 360 Above 10 Tonnes (Experienced Worker) Training Courses

Looking to further your responsibilities at work? Looking for a new trade? A requirement of the job?

Whatever your reason for choosing to get certified in A59 Excavator 360 Above 10 tonnes handling, R.C.P Training is your safe go-to.

The CPCS (examining board that we use) A59 course provides candidates with a full and thorough course to ensure safety, confidence and ability are at the forefront of the training. The course is split into two parts, the theoretical test and the practical aspect. It is vital that both parts are explored, studied and examined for a full qualification to be granted.

So, what does it cover?

Our specific training is tailor-made to suit your work requirements, in fact we offer both on and off site training. Many favour training at our fully equipped facilities. Usually as training at their place of work can be distracting, though others prefer the familiarity of on-site training in their workplace; this can certainly be advantageous in terms of in-house dimensions, visualisation while being in situ and ease.

Areas we cover include but are certainly not limited to:

  • Pre-operation checks and procedures
  • Travelling over uneven surfaces, inclines and declines as well as rough and smooth ground.
  • Manoeuvres
  • Operational excavating steps and processes
  • Hazards and Safety concerns including spatial awareness, other workers, overhead threats or intrusions.
  • Grade, level grounding
  • Functional attachments including how to carry, load, unload, lift and safely stop.

This mandatory, essential qualification is required if you are to handle this machinery in a workplace. Not only is is for safety, and confidence but it is also an excellent qualification to add to your achievements should other work become available.