5 Reasons Why Health and Safety Training is Important

Conversations of workplace training are often greeted with moans of ‘oh, health and safety has gone mad’. Although it may be easy to joke along, and make fun of overzealous rules and guidelines, we often lose sight of the crucial role health and safety training plays in protecting millions of workers across the U.K.

1. It’s the law

One of the main reasons health and safety is so widely spoken about is because it is the law. It is not an optional course. The 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act is a key piece of legislation, which ensures workplaces take reasonable and practicable steps to ensure the health and safety of the employees.

2. Risk can be found in any workplace

P, but nevertheless, all staff should be offered health and safety training, no matter where they work.

3. Increases efficiency

Many consider health and safety training to be a time consuming drag, but there are, in fact, many ways health and safety training can have a positive influence on boosting and organisations efficiency and productivity.

4. Reduces costs across the board

Good health and safety training can play a key role in reducing overall costs. Losing workers due to workplace accidents, injury or illness can have a detrimental effect on operations and productivity. Employers lose valuable time and resources, and workers are injured in the process. Ensuring staff have received adequate health and safety training can prevent such instances.

5. Nothing to lose, everything to gain

The only downside to health and safety training is the cost, but when you compare this to the money you can save by ensuring workers are protected in their workplace, you can see why you have nothing to lose.