5 Reasons Why Every Plant Operator Should Be CPCS Trained

Construction Plant Competence Schemes or CPCS is a highly recognised training service for those working in the construction industry.

Through obtaining these essential site skills, you can benefit from the wide range of opportunities and on-site occupational safety guidelines that can ensure safe practices for you and your fellow colleagues.

So, why is it integral that every plant operator get CPCS trained?

1. Health and Safety
Ensuring the health and safety of you and your colleagues is incredibly important. Construction work is labour intensive and can be dangerous when jobs are not done right. Being trained on the best practices, environmental awareness and codes of conduct would make all the difference.
2. Qualifications
Gaining your operating competence qualification through the theory and practical testing means you will receive a SVQ and NVQ in your field.
3. Enhance Your Career Prospects
Getting these qualifications gives you the opportunity to apply for more jobs with this skill set and makes you more attractive to potential employers. It also improves the chances of you getting a promotion.
4. Your Earnings
The training programme is really important and helps you increase your warnings.
5. Up-to-Date Skills

Should Be CPCS Trained
Gaining new skills is really important especially when it comes to knowing how to use new technologies and equipment. Whether you require a renewal course or the standard scheme, improving your skills is beneficial for your profession.
If you are looking to work in the construction industry or you are already a seasoned expert; CPCS is a training programme designed for all.